Skillttles Perm Ban [Appeal]


By Skillttles 8 July 2019 23:21

Member · 2 comments

GN (that you were banned on): Skillttles
Are you guilty?(y/n): N
When were you banned: 7/8/19
Ban Reason and disconnection message:
Any real evidence to dispute: Kalstitch is a friend of mine, we constantly goof around all the time, and have an inside joke where we accuse each other of hacking, or glitching things. We are even on the same cell, this proves our friendship just as much as the screenshot does.

Why do you think you should be unbanned: I have never hacked on your server. Not once. I have seen no evidence of myself hacking, and know for a fact I never have, My internet is very poor, and I lag a ton, this can result in actions that may look like "teleportation". As for the alts, my brother would only come on for drop parties, that's it. I tried to calm him down when he was talking to the staff that way. It's unfortunate he acts that way, and I assure you he will never log on your server again.

As for the things I have done in the past, I am sorry for my actions. I use your server as a way to release stress in my life. This can cause my friend and I to get a little rambunctious at times. I apologize for both of our actions, as those do not dictate us as individuals whatsoever, and we won't be doing this going forward.

I have been dedicated to your server for months, and even introduced kalstitch to it, and have days worth of playing time through the various seasons, and I would be heartbroken for all my progress to disappear.

I assure you this will never happen again. Promise.