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Apply For Staff!

Make sure to have 6 hours of online time before you apply!

Application for Staff

Must be at Least 15 Years or Older to Apply!
All Staff Applications will be read and responded to every Saturday.


Make sure to read everything on this page carefully. Otherwise, you may miss something important.
Note: if you have been banned/kicked/jailed your application will be rejected.

* Required

#1 What is your age? *

#2 What is your Minecraft & Discord username? *
Make sure to join our discord:

#3 What can you offer to SpaceCraft? *
Write 50 words or more.

#4 What is your past experience with other servers? *
Write 50 words or more.

#5 Did you register yourself on our Forum yet? *
All applicants are required to sign up at:

#6 What is your timezone? *

#7 Tell me something interesting about you. *
Write 25 words or more.

#8 What times and how many hours do you get on to play? *
Write 25 words or more.

#9 Will you follow ALL the SpaceCraft Player/Staff rules? *
Use this site for Player/Staff rules:

#10 What is your email so we can contact you? *
It is important to have an email or you can't become Staff.

By saying "I Agree", You are saying that everything in this application is 100% true. *
If everything is not true, and I find out you were lying, you will lose your rank. Also, do not expect to get Staff right away.

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