SpaceCraft- Official Staff Rules


By runningmaster 17 April 2019 16:05

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Rules for Staff

Fail to follow these rules will result in demotion after first chance.

1. Only listen and obey to what Owner, Co-Owner, Head-Admin, and Admin says. Do not be annoying or abuse your rank.

2. Do not get money the easy way. Play fairly like the rest of the players.

3. If your money is abnormally high, Tier 1 Staff will find out how, and depending, you will be demoted.

4. Do not use creative in pvp areas.

5. Do not fly in any of the pvp areas.

6. Make sure the regular players are following the rules.

7. Due to staff inactiveness, play for at least 4 or more hours total a week, or demotion will happen.

8. Do not teleport, heal, or use /back to get out of a losing fight or to get easy money.

9. Do not steal, troll, or be rude to players.

10. Greet new players and returning players kindly.

Tips for Staff

Commands staff need to know!

1. In order to jail someone do /jail (player name) graveyard (Amount of Time). Also, do /mute (player name) (amount of time). Put in the same (amount of time) you did for /jail in /mute.

2. Do not jail anyone longer than 1 hours. (Beware I have warned you.)

3. In the (Amount of Time) slot put in how long you want them to stay in jail.

4. Example variables for (Amount of Time) are (1s, 1m, 1h). 1s = 1 second, 1m = 1 minute, 1h = 1 hour

5. In order to kick someone do /kick (player name) (reason for kick)

6. In order to ban someone do /ban (player name) (reason for ban)

7. When a player breaks a rule for the first time they are warned. The second time they are temp muted/kicked, and the third time they are temp banned from the server.

8. The player that has been banned can buy an unban on the servers donator store, so do not ban them again because they bought their unban back.

9. Their chances start over as though they just joined the server for the first time when they buy their unban.

Moto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

All Staff need to register to this website!

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