SpaceCraft: Official Rules


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Global Ban Offenses

Hacked Client
Any sort of hacked client is not allowed. Auto-Clickers and Macros are also not allowed.
Allowed Mods: Better Hud

Use of an Autoclicker/Macro/Modified Mouse/Alts:
No Alts Allowed. Using an auto clicker or placing stuff on mouse to afk mine is not allowed and will be treated the same as hacking. Usage of any autoclicker/modified mouse/macro is forbidden on all servers. Caught using any form of the above will result in a punishment. Using this in conjunction with the use of alts to automate tasks will lead to harsher punishments, and possibly a disqualification from payout. Anything that is not considered you physically clicking will be considered an autoclicker (ex. changing buttons on your mouse to your keyboard, leaving a book on your mouse to automate a task.)

Advertising other servers, through chat, private messages, books, mail and builds.

Intentional destruction of another players build. This also includes stealing, and killing contained passive mobs in other players territory.

Intentional theft of another player's items. This includes joining other people's islands/parties to to take their items.

DDoS Threats/Doxing
We take the safety of our players very seriously and thus do not allow others to threaten each other with DDoS attacks or releasing their private information. This does not include jokes between friends, but does include frequent remarks such as "Your internet is about to lag" etc

Links to Shock/Porn
Any links which may lead to disturbing/pornographic sites are punishable with a 7 day temp ban for first offense. Links which may lead to ip loggers are punishable with a global ban. You can view if a link is safe or not with

Real World Trading
Trading in-game items or services between players for real life money is not allowed.

Inappropriate Usernames
Extremely inappropriate usernames are punishable with a ban until the username is changed. If it is a nickname, we will first give a warning before a ban.

Offensive/Inappropriate Skins
Offensive or inappropriate skins are punishable with a ban until the skin is changed. Players will generally be given a chance to change the skin prior to ban.

Scamming is not allowed on any server within SpaceCraft.
Scamming can include naming an item incorrectly and selling it in an auction house, or via other trade methods. Such as faking crate keys. Another method would be offering to pay a certain amount for an item but when you receive the item the buyer doesn't pay the money and vice versa.

Abusing Glitches/Bugs
The severity of the bug determines the length of your ban. Also, using an alternate account to gain an advantage is not tolerated and will result in a temp ban. Typically, we generously reward players who report game-breaking bugs. Abusing a Glitch/Bug result in a locked rank.

Mute/Ban Evasion
This is when a player uses an alternate account to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The players IP address will be banned.

Trolling Events
Purposely trying to hurt, or troll events will result in a temporary ban.

Inappropriate Builds
Inappropriate Builds, such as penises and swastikas, will be immediately cleared and may result in ban. This applies to all servers that allow building.

Helpop and Report Abuse
Abusing /report or /helpop for disrespecting staff is not allowed. Spamming, trolling and other misuse of may result in ban. If you do not receive a reply to your request for assistance you may report the issue in the #help section of Community Discord.

Leaderboard/Payout Deals
Players may not make last minute deals with other players to increase their chances of getting onto or boosted up on the final leaderboards to receive leaderboard/payout prizes.
This gives an unfair advantage based on popularity.
Any deals made will likely result in a leaderboard/payout ban.

Deals include but are not limited to
- Giving someone all of your money/coins so that they win currency leaderboards. This player may then share some of the rewards with those that have helped them, however rewards do not have to be shared for the deal to count as unfair.
- Stat boosting - Boosting stats, by killing alts, paying other players so you may kill them, or any other means is not allowed.
- Prison - Sharing points from grinders and ore gen.
- Survival - Sharing wealth

Setting Homes/Warps
Setting a home or warp in another players land or base without permission from the base or Leader is not allowed.

Global Mute Offenses

Spamming includes posting repeated messages to chat in quick succession, repeated nonsense like "odmowlskdjmliaskdmadakmsdo;l2" and excessive character drag such as hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (+ Spamming features like /helpop and /msg after being muted will result in a ban.)

Sexual / Inappropriate Speech
While we like to give people some degree of expression, we don't allow people to be overly sexual in the chat, which can make the server incredibly inappropriate and awkward for other players.

Hate Speech
Being offensive, or saying things that attack a person or group on the basis of gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability or sexual orientation.

Repeatedly bypassing our swear filter by excessively swearing will result in a mute.

Bullying / Harassment
Intentional harassment of another player will result in a mute and possibly ban

Impersonating Staff and Players
Changing your nickname to try and pretend to be someone else.

Accusing another player of hacking in public chat.

Capitalising more than 5 words in succession during a post.

Inappropriate Names/Nicknames/Item Names etc.
We do not allow user names with derogatory or offensive terms, hate speech or swear words. Users who do not change these when asked will be issued with a punishment.

Nickname Formatting
If the perk is won, bold and italic formatting in nicknames may be used, however underlined or magic formats may not as they can cause chat to be covered up or flicker.

Nicknames must also have a minimum of 2 characters.

Custom Chat Fonts
Using custom fonts as a main font in public chat is not allowed and continued use will result in a mute.

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