[Prison] Ghost2410 - Hacking


By ghost2410 20 February 2020 09:47

Member · 1 comments

Your Username: ghost2410

Date and Server: PRISON 20/02/2020

Why you were punished - Hacking

Have you been banned on SpaceCraft before?


Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?:
Not too sure why I was banned, not using any sort of hacks and before I was banned all I had been doing was sorting out resources within my cell to upgrade and going around the PVP region to claim the boxes. I went to some of the starter mines to get cobble and coal to help with the process making stone, and was planting trees when I was banned. Was banned by Dekatria who went invis around 10mins after I went off and I assume he was watching me.  I was not using any sort of hacks and I did nothing which could even indicate I would be hacking apart from minding my own business, Would be a lot happier if I can get some more clarification to why I was banned for supposedly hacking.

Any evidence to support your appeal:
n/a dont record gameplay


By runningmaster 29 February 2020 20:07

Owner · 20 comments

He sent me a video with you having a moderately high auto-clicking. It should have been a temp ban if anything.