ObsoleteModer435 Killaura/colorbot


By ObsoleteModer435 13 July 2019 21:36

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Your Username:ObsoleteModer435

Date and Server:7/13/19 prison

Why you were punished-I was using a custom AHK auto hot key script in order to farm mobs at a cell but it could be known as "kill aura"

Have you been banned on mcspacecraft before? no


Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?:I admit what I did was wrong and I can't take it back but I had no intention to use AHK/colorbot/killaura on players i made it myself and didn't know it targeted players, but that's another story I Apologize and wouldn't use it again nor will I ever hack I did not ever want to hack on a server I apologize and never wanted to harm other players experience in the server i had no intention to harm/destroy anything just wanted to farm I'm sorry and hope i can get a second chance -Obsolete#3622

Any evidence to support your appeal: I have since today after the ban deleted my AHK and plan to never use it on the server or Minecraft at all and i just want to make it clear i wouldn't nor have i ever used it on a player thank you for your time